What's an American Garden Barn Quilt?

Barn quilts have been hung on barns,out-buildings, homes, cottages and boat houses for many years throughout the United States to add color and character to the landscape. 

Each American Garden Barn Quilt is hand-painted geometric shapes, or scenic pictures that are painted onto wooden Medium Density Overlay Board or commonly referred to as Sign Board.  Depending on the size of your Barn Quilt, the MDO Board thickness may be 3/4" or 1/2". 

American Garden Barn Quilts are 4'x4',  2'X2' and now 3'x3’

Each American Garden Barn Quilt starts with glue-sealed edges and three coats of high quality outdoor primer to increase the Barn Quilt's resistance to moisture.  In addition, the specific Barn Quilt pattern has multiple coats of high quality semi-gloss paint.  Finally, the entire Barn Quilt is sealed with an indoor/outdoor water based sealant . Each installation has it's own unique location that may affect the overall durability of your Barn Quilt. Weather and sunshine may also affect the colors in your  Barn Quilt. However, you can be assured your American Garden Barn Quit has been constructed so you may enjoy it in all seasons.

Vicki, I just love my new Barn Quilt hanging on our front porch. Thank you