Custom Barn Quilts are available from American Garden Barn Quilts.

Use the email link below to let me know what design you have in mind.

I enjoy making Barn Quilts that have special meaning to your family.

I can create an American Garden Barn Quilt from a favorite family keepsake or other pictures that have meaning to you and your family. I can create a specific size Barn Quilt that meets the needs of your specific location where you will display your American Garden Barn Quilt. Pricing of your American Garden Barn Quilt depends on the size and complexity of your design. Shipping on Barn Quilts up to 4ft x 4ft is FREE. However, shipping for larger Barn Quilts will need to be discussed.

DESIGN CHANGES - I will work with you to create the design and colors of your desired Barn Quilt. However, once you APPROVE the design and I have started to create your custom Barn Quilt, further modification may result in additional design change fees.

I am not able to copy trademarked symbols or logos.


Thank you for visiting my CUSTOM page.

Let me know how I can create a custom American Garden Barn Quilt for you.