DUTCH HEX - American Garden Barn Quilt


DUTCH HEX - American Garden Barn Quilt

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American Garden Barn Quilts are 100% custom made.  Please allow 2-3 week for painting and delivery.


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DUTCH HEX Barn Quilt

Dutch Hex is a classic take on a Pennsylvania Dutch Hex pattern. This stunning geometric Dutch Hex pattern mounts lovely in your kitchen, or in a favorite reading room, or wherever you want to display this traditional Americana Dutch Hex design. 

The bright yellow background is a reminder of the a sunny summer day. The inner geometric shape reminds you of a morning blossoms. The white pedal on a field of sky blue reflect the symmetry and balance of the America Garden Barn Quilts favorite.

Dutch Hex is available as a 2ftX2ft or 4ftX4ft American Garden Barn Quilt

All American Garden Barn Quilts are made from MDO sign board.  All my American Garden Barn Quilts have multiple layers of primer, paint and sealer making them weather resistant.

Barn Quilt dimensions: 2'X2' = 24" X 0.5" X 24"   or  4'X4' = 48" X 0.75" X 48"

As each installation in unique, mounting or hanging of an American Garden Barn Quilt is the responsibility of the purchaser.


American Garden Barn Quilts  - Inspiring Your American Landscape

Handcrafted in INDIANA