Busy Summer at American Garden Barn Quilts - August 2019

It’s been a busy Summer at the American Garden Barn Quilts Workshop. In July, I led a 26 member Barn Quilt Workshop in Brown County Indiana. It was a exciting afternoon as I led a hands on workshop to teach how to paint an American Garden Barn Quilt. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the downtown Nashville community shelter.

Additionally, my Barn Quilts are on display at B3 Art Gallery in Nashville as well. Friday night 7/26 was the Brown County Art Walk and I presented my Barn Quilts on display at the Art Walk Reception at B3 Gallery. My Barn Quilts are on display thru 8/20/2019 in the Gallery.

I have several Barn Quilts in process as orders thru my website and my site on Etsy at AGBarnquilts are picking up !! I’m doing a few custom orders - plus orders from my Gallery.

Beside Barn Quilts - Our Raised Bed Garden is producing vegetables for the summer!! I picked our 1st full basket of beans today. Tomatoes are beginning to turn red so were excited! Below is a picture of my new Barn Quilt SPRING CHICKENS - leaning up against my Garden Cart with one of our raised bed in the back ground.

So this truly is an………. AMERICAN GARDEN BARN QUILT

Thank you for visiting my website and viewing my American Garden Barn Quilts