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SUMMER SUNFLOWER Barn Quilt Release SEPT 2019

I would like to show you SUMMER SUNFLOWER Barn Quilt from American Garden Barn Quilts.

SUMMER SUNFLOWER is a geometric shaped Sunflower with the added details of the SUNBURST Pinwheel.

I used later summer and fall colors of green, yellow, gold and brown. This Barn Quilt also has a cream color background to soften the total view. I also added a pinstripe border to off set the large bold center .

I hope you enjoy SUMMER SUNFLOWER. It is available on my SHOP Page as well.

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summer sunflower.jpg


New Barn Quilt Release coming this Friday 9/13

Coming this Friday will be the newest addition from

American Garden Barn Quilts.

It is a very colorful summer seasonal painting that transcends summer and fall. It has seasonal green and gold coloring, and I have added a crosshatch border trim - something new in my Barn Quilt collection.

I have a small black and white snapshot (of just a section) below so you can see the basic structure of this new American Garden Barn Quilt.

Make sure to check back to the GALLERY and SHOP

SS Relase pic.jpg


American Garden Barn Quilts is releasing:


LIBERTY STAR is a simple yet eloquent and patriotic Barn Quilt with a focus of the large three dimensional Star in a field of Royal Blue with Red and White bold stripe accents. The three dimensional Star is highlighted with colors of White and Gray providing the shadow effect of the Star.

This regal Barn Quilt is also outlined in alternating Red and Blue Pinstripes to off-set and frame the bold colors of this display.

LIBERTY STAR can be mounted inside or outside. Display LIBERTY STAR where ever you would like to show your American patriotism.

All American Garden Barn Quilts are made from MDO sign board.  All my American Garden Barn Quilts have multiple layers of primer, paint and sealer making them weather resistant.

LIBERTY START is available as a 2ft x 2ft or 4ft x 4ft Barn Quilt

Barn Quilt dimensions: 2'X2' = 24" X 0.5" X 24"   or   4'X4' = 48" X 0.75" X 48"

As each installation in unique, mounting or hanging of an American Garden Barn Quilt is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Visit: agbarnquilts /shop


American Garden Barn Quilts - Inspiring Your American Landscape

Handcrafted in INDIANA

Busy Summer at American Garden Barn Quilts - August 2019

It’s been a busy Summer at the American Garden Barn Quilts Workshop. In July, I led a 26 member Barn Quilt Workshop in Brown County Indiana. It was a exciting afternoon as I led a hands on workshop to teach how to paint an American Garden Barn Quilt. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the downtown Nashville community shelter.

Additionally, my Barn Quilts are on display at B3 Art Gallery in Nashville as well. Friday night 7/26 was the Brown County Art Walk and I presented my Barn Quilts on display at the Art Walk Reception at B3 Gallery. My Barn Quilts are on display thru 8/20/2019 in the Gallery.

I have several Barn Quilts in process as orders thru my website and my site on Etsy at AGBarnquilts are picking up !! I’m doing a few custom orders - plus orders from my Gallery.

Beside Barn Quilts - Our Raised Bed Garden is producing vegetables for the summer!! I picked our 1st full basket of beans today. Tomatoes are beginning to turn red so were excited! Below is a picture of my new Barn Quilt SPRING CHICKENS - leaning up against my Garden Cart with one of our raised bed in the back ground.

So this truly is an………. AMERICAN GARDEN BARN QUILT

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Five new AGBQs are in process - August 2018

I am in process of painting five new American Garden Barn Quilts!!

I am repainting a 4ft X 4ft SUNBURST that has recently been sold.  It will hang on a barn here in Southern Indiana.

I am also painting a 2ft x 2ft GLORY.  This is the 1st time to paint this specific Barn Quilt in a 2X2 size.  My previous GLORY Barn Quilts have all been 4X4.   

Also I am paining a totally new 4X4 Quilt Pattern Barn Quilt PRAIRIE STAR.  This is a very traditional pattern with a lot of angles.  This pattern remind me of a homestead, pioneer Quilt.   It will be earth tone Rust color on a light Cream background.

Prairie Star Layout Drawing

There is a PATCHWORK 2X2 also getting painted as well.   This Barn Quilt has all the colors of Autumn.  PATCHWORK also has many small angles to layout, tape off and paint.  

Finally I am designing a new MARINER'S COMPASS Design.  It is a  a Nautical Theme with the rope border that I have used before.

In the AGBQ painting queue is  a address mailbox sign that I need to get to!

A lot is going on in the AGBQ drafting and paint shop!

Vicki H.


American Garden Barn Quilts SHOP

American Garden Barn Quilts SHOP

Today I Launched the America Garden Barn Quilt -  My SHOP Page!

Please Review the Barn Quilts I have for Sale.   Many of the Quilts are available in 2ftX2ft and 4ft X4ft Sizes.

Shipping is Calculated by the Weight.  So its based upon the weight depending on the number of Barn Quilts.

I have not loaded any 8ftX8ft Barn Quilts.  Please email if you are interested.

                Grandpa's Barn  North Judson IN

                Grandpa's Barn  North Judson IN


Vicki H.