NEW BARN QUILT SIZE 3ft x 3ft is now available

I’m now releasing a new Barn Quit size 3ft x 3ft.

I have had a number of requests to create 3ft x 3ft Barn Quilts. So with this, I have updated all the Barn Quilts in my SHOP to add this 3X3 Barn Quilt Size.

3ft x 3ft is a very nice size that can meet many customer needs. This size is large enough to present on a medium size out building. This size can also be a feature Barn Quilt in any large room, or porch, or any room in your home.

3ft x 3ft Barn Quilts are built in the same manner as my 2x2 and 4x4 Barn Quilts. All American Garden Barn Quilts are built to last many season for your enjoyment.

Check out my 3ft x 3ft size Barn Quilts in my SHOP