American Garden Barn Quilts, March 2017 - an 8 footer!!

As we begin Spring 2017 - I'm taking on my biggest endeavor  at American Barn Quilts - an 8 footer !!     I have the two  4X8 sheets of MDO and am in process of sealing and priming the sheets.   They look massive when laid out side by side.   This will be quite an undertaking getting both halves to align in the actual Barn Quilt design. When completed it will be a full 8ft X 8ft American Garden Barn Quilt.

Priming  the MDO Board for the 8ft er !

Priming  the MDO Board for the 8ft er !

Check back for updates !!! I will keep you updated with a few pics of the progress.

The Columbus Farmers Market is being scheduled an I plan to  have the Barn Quilt completed in May time frame.  

Oh my......I need long arms !!